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About Vitrue Health

We’re a fast moving startup passionate about bringing quantitative measurement technology to musculoskeletal healthcare.

vitrue health team
vitrue team

Our mission

We're on a mission to reduce musculoskeletal pain for millions of people.

Our values

Eager to explore
We're innovative because we're curious about everything
Make an impact
We only do things if they move the needle
The scientific method
Science as a foundation, data guides decisions, test everything
We start with respect and trust in each other's abilities
Great & done is better than perfect
Our pursuit of excellence starts with action
Tomorrow better than today
We always take opportunities to improve, no matter how small or big
We believe that working collaboratively and capitalising on multiple views drives the best outcomes

Improving musculoskeletal
health for all

We are on a mission to change the way we assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions across healthcare. Currently clinicians and ergonomists rely on their sight alone to measure patient motor function and technology is doing nothing to help them. These clinicians play a key role in patient’s quality of life and our technology is all about supporting them.

Exceptional team

Meet the team

Shane Lowe
Shane Lowe

Shane’s background is in electronic engineering and his PhD is in the prediction of oncoming health degradations based on wearable sensors. Since then he’s worked designing motion capture cameras and computer vision in blood diagnostics.

Chris Self
Chris Self
Software Engineer

Chris is a software developer with a background in structural engineering with a passion for optimising workflows, analysis with innovative design.

Simona Zacharova
Simona Zacharova
Clinical Lead

Simona comes from a biomedical science and osteopathy background. She is passionate about improving physical health through innovations and new technology.

Tash Adkins
Tash Adkins
Customer Success Manager

Tash in an expert in helping customers get what they want and need! She has spent many years delivering innovative digital healthcare products to clients in a smooth and seamless way. She loves making sure clients' needs are at the centre of everything we do.

Alex Haslehurst
Alex Haslehurst

Alex is originally a mechanical engineer with a special interest in engineering in healthcare. She’s worked in extremely high accuracy machining and R&D at a blood diagnostics startup. At Vitrue Alex leads the algorithmic development.