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Are your team at risk of burnout?

Rates of burnout are up 48% over last year.

Get ahead of the problem by providing your team with scientifically-proven burnout assessments that empower employees to self-correct with best practice mental health and wellbeing recommendations.

DSE assessments

Reduce burnout symptoms and risks

Recommendations for users are in the five categories leading research says are key to assessing burnout symptoms and risks.

Mental distance
Cognitive impairment
Emotional impairment
Secondary symptoms

VIDA for burnout

Recommendations are shared in simple, clear, and sympathetic but encouraging language. They are also easily actionable. Research shows that just being aware of key burnout symptoms is key to fixing them.

A few simple steps

How it works

Improve the effectiveness of your team by tackling burnout. Seamlessly onboard your entire team or company in a few simple steps.

Invite your team
Add employees' emails to the list and the burnout assessment appears in their inboxes.
Burnout assessments
Results show where burnout symptoms or risks are with personalised recommendations on how to reduce these quickly.
Mental health check
Employees answer questions designed by leading academic and peer reviewed research.
Employer insights
HR/Wellbeing leads see where burnout symptoms and risks are most common in the business. No personal data is shared for privacy reasons.

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Empower your team with VIDA so they can reach their full potential.

Burnout Assessments – Vitrue VIDA

What I liked most about the tool its simplicity and the webcam assessment of posture, sitting position etc. and other interactive features. How to help our teams thrive during these exceptional times is what keeps us up at night and this tool is an amazing way to do that.

Global Leader
Burnout Assessments – Vitrue VIDA

The experience so far has been fantastic! We're very aware of both our duties as an employer and also the importance of setting our various teams up for success at home. Working with Vitrue is letting us manage our teams' needs as they were in the office.

Next15 Health & Safety Administrator
Stephen Parrish
Burnout Assessments – Vitrue VIDA

Our goal as a team is to make this company the best place to work. Whether that's ensuring our team have the right setup, or helping them to understand best working practicies, Vitrue's technology is helping us to do that at across our entire company.

US Electric Car Manufacturer
Global Head of Wellbeing

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