BRAND NEW WHITE PAPER: Employer DSE Regulations in the Hybrid Working World

Help your team avoid burnout?

Rates of burnout have spiked by 48% in the last year.

Empower your team to proactively reduce their risk of burnout with scientifically-proven assessments and wellbeing recommendations.

DSE assessments

Reduce burnout symptoms and risks

Burnout can be classified into five key categories. Our assessment provides recommendations for users according to the category their burnout symptoms fall into:

Mental distance
Cognitive impairment
Emotional impairment
Secondary symptoms

Digital assessments for burnout

Awareness and education around burnout symptoms is the first step to fixing them. Our assessment provides clear, simple and actionable recommendations to help your team tackle burnout.

Don't just take our word for it...

A few simple steps

How it works

We make compliance easier than ever. Seamlessly onboard your entire team or company in a few simple steps.

Invite your team
Send a link to your team and a burnout assessment will land in their inbox.
Burnout assessment
Employees complete their assessment. They answer a few simple questions about their mental health based on leading academic research.
Results and insights
Employees get their results, showing any burnout symptoms and personalised recommendations on how to reduce them. HR and Wellbeing leads get insights into the areas of the business where burnout symptoms are most common.

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