New White Paper: 8 Ways You Didn’t Know Musculoskeletal Health Is Impacting Your Business

Regulations require all workers to be assessed.

VIDA's modern desk assessment meets requirements & drives health. Give your team cutting-edge desk/DSE assessments using AI adaptive questionnaires and computer vision technology through their webcam for personalised recommendations.

*Vitrue VIDA is fully CPD approved.

DSE assessments

Impactful benefits for your entire team

Improve employee health & wellness
Assessments are completely self-served. Empower your team to detect risk factors in their health and work setups to drive self-correction.
Reduce back and neck pain
Musculoskeletal health is one of the most important parts of health related quality of life and can be damaged by poor work setups. Luckily, with the right knowledge it's easy to improve.
Remote & in-office legal compliance
Guide your team with a workspace and your business is compliant with rules. Employees can assess anywhere they work from.
A few simple steps

How it works

We make compliance easier than ever. Seamlessly onboard your entire team or company in a few simple steps.

Invite your team
Employees get a link to do a wellbeing and desk assessment. 10,000 links can be sent at once so you're done in 5 minutes!
Desk assessments
Vitrue's innovative computer vision AI will assess postures, ergonomics for better health and wellbeing in all workplaces. They can re-assess if they move from home to office.
Health assessments
They complete short personalised & engaging questionnaires on their health using our clinical technology.
Help delivered
Employees get personalised recommendations to improve health and all workplaces' setups. Employers get compliance with DSE regulations as well as powerful analytics and insights.

A modern health & safety solution for modern organisations

Before VIDA

Before VIDA, employers had two options for health and desk assessments. They could send generic training without personalised help, or they could offer employees one on one calls that were very costly.

Outdated DSE and desk assessments used to be seen by employees as a waste of time since they didn't really help improve their health. Personalised recommendations meant non-scalable and expensive assessments for employers (until VIDA virtual desk assessments).

Today with VIDA

With VIDA employers can easily become compliant while driving health and wellbeing via clinical technology.

VIDA's integrative software also enables today's hybrid office-based and remote workforces. Employees can assess themselves from all the places they work from for personalised health and wellbeing recommendations.

Actionable insights for employers

Meaningful analytics

Analytics show your company or team's key needs and prioritise the actions that will deliver the greatest benefits.

Measure pain levels improving across the business as teams follow VIDA's recommendations.

Significant ROI

The ROI for health, wellness and ergonomics is proven as driving health, happiness and productivity.

VIDA gives desk assessment / DSE compliance and helps you care for your team better.

You're in good company.
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Making your life easier

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5-Star Rated Solutions

Empower your team with VIDA so they can reach their full potential.

Vitrue VIDA – Wellbeing & Desk Assessments

What I liked most about the tool its simplicity and the webcam assessment of posture, sitting position etc. and other interactive features. How to help our teams thrive during these exceptional times is what keeps us up at night and this tool is an amazing way to do that.

Global Leader
Vitrue VIDA – Wellbeing & Desk Assessments

The experience so far has been fantastic! We're very aware of both our duties as an employer and also the importance of setting our various teams up for success at home. Working with Vitrue is letting us manage our teams' needs as they were in the office.

Next15 Health & Safety Administrator
Stephen Parrish
Vitrue VIDA – Wellbeing & Desk Assessments

Our goal as a team is to make this company the best place to work. Whether that's ensuring our team have the right setup, or helping them to understand best working practicies, Vitrue's technology is helping us to do that at across our entire company.

US Electric Car Manufacturer
Global Head of Wellbeing

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